My name is Bill Perry and I have been involved with all things computer since early 1970. I have started this Blog as a way to share thoughts and information that might be useful to other individuals using computers, now a part of our daily lives.

My early career was in the development of ferrite core memories used in space satellites. These were tiny donut shaped ferrites as small as 0.015 inch in diameter. After a few years I landed in the minicomputer area of business. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Data General (DG) were my two main areas of focus and it was a most enjoyable time in my career.

I am just now re-reading a book about Data General called “The soul of a new machine” by Tracy Kidder. This book is a wonderful look back at the time I was immersed in the mini-computer industry.

Then Apple came out with the personal computer and I became immersed in the IBM side of things (1980). I have, in one way or another been involved with PCs now ever since. I love the challenges that today’s technology brings. This blog is my attempt at sharing this deep interest of my life.

I am now semi-retired. More soon…
[ last updated 2021-04-22 ]

[ update 2023-05-12 ]
In the last year I have dealt with prostate cancer, and it appears I have survived it. I am now no longer a cancer patient, but a patient with a history of cancer! We are still monitoring it but blood tests look great now.

I am continuing to investigate the Raspberry PI and the Arduino products. Both are very capable and they each have their own best way to be applied to a problem.

I Have also been studying Spanish for about 2 years using the Duolingo app on my phone. Daily 15-minute lessons have proved to me that I can learn it for translation purposes, but I am still learning to be conversational. Written Spanish is also a challenge. The grammar is a challenge.

Now that Covid is over I am going out more and enjoying the place where I live, Southern California.

More soon…